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Everything created in simple way


When two passionate and creative Designers meet all that happens is fusion of ideas, art and creativity Which can be led to a masterpiece

when our co-founders paved their way into fusing their ideas together they explored that it came from a very simple philosophy of letting people’s vision into existence through design by helping them rejuvenate their spaces and giving them the experience they truly deserved

later on, they decided that the idea was worth giving a shot as it could help them create masterpieces and fulfil their philosophy at once. And that’s how the Mysa design studio came into existence where they specialized themselves in rejuvenating spaces such as residential, commercial and retail spaces and creating masterpieces at the end on a larger span and scope.


Interiors of the house leave a deep impression on everyone and, needless to mention, it also plays an important part in behaviour modification.

Interior designing is an art, even more when it comes to designing and decorating offices, malls and commercial spaces. Needless to say, it takes skill and diligence to transform ordinary walls and floors into not just functional, but extraordinary, artistic masterpieces. Here’s a look at how we approach every project.


Mysa is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Mumbai, India that specializes in thoughtful, tailored, and detailed residential, commercial, retail, hospitality and workspace design spanning diverse scales and scopes.
Humble yet brutally honest Mysa is meticulous and process- driven.
With a genuine and original approach to our work , we collaborate with our clients to allow their story to guide the design where people connect to place.
From the very early concept stage and throughout construction studio demonstrates new ways of living that are delightfully surprising and unmistakably innate.


Except to obtain some advantage from it


Residential design is all about creating welcoming and liveable spaces for homeowners.

Creating spaces that reflect their style and vision while maintaining an approachable and functional style.

From the initial meetings to adding the finishing touches, presenting fresh ideas to make each space one of a kind.


Commercial Designing is ceating spaces that translate clients vision into practical , profitable spaces without surrendering design.

This would include hotels and lounges, restaurants and cafes , retail and office spaces ,banks, spas, and everything in between.

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